WBC13 (VM USA 2015)

Dette er info så langt fra USA om VM i BR 100 & 200 LV og HV i september 2015.



To All WBC Delegates,
Things are coming together for WBC XIII, September, 2015.  We wanted to take this time to get everyone caught up with what we have been working on, and also get some information from the delegates to help us finalize some plans.

We have been working with the local hotels and have verbal commitments for blocks of rooms at discounted rates.  Unfortunately none of the hotel chains will let us reserve blocks of rooms until 11 months prior to the event.  We have several hotels to choose from, and do not anticipate any issues with getting enough rooms.  As soon as we are able to reserve blocks of rooms we will send out a complete list with pricing, contact information, and a map of locations.
All events will be within 30 minutes driving time of the Hotels/ Motels. The Hotels in Wentzville, Missouri would be the best selection for World Travelers, because Wentzville has a variety of restaurants and shopping within walking distance from the hotels.
The manager of the Holiday Inn Select in Warrenton has offered to start reserving rooms early, but you must contact him directly and reference the Word competition.

NBRSA Nationals:
Bench Rest Rifle Club is fortunate enough to be hosting both the World event and the NBRSA National event.  The Nationals will be held the week before the Worlds.  The schedule for the Nationals is:
September 14 – Unlimited 100
September 15 – Sporter 100 and Light Varmint 100 September 16 – Heavy Varmint 100 September 17 – Unlimited 200 September 18 – Sporter 200 and Light Varmint 200 September 19 – Heavy Varmint 200 and the awards ceremony (Official first day of Worlds practice is September 20) Shooters need to be members of the National Benchrest Shooters Association
(NBRSA) to shoot in the Nationals event– we are working with them for one time discounted NBRSA rates for shooters that would like to shoot this event also.  We will not have further information on this until the members meeting at the 2014 Nationals  in Late September this year.

WBC 13:
The World Team Championship will be held on the same range as the NBRSA Nationals so competing in the Nationals would be great practice and the opportunity to tune your equipment in a competition setting getting use to our swirling winds here in the Midwest.
For those wanting to come early but not shoot in the NBRSA Nationals we will have another range and loading area for you to practice on and then we will assist you with the moving of your equipment to the official range as soon as the Nationals are complete.

September 20 – Official Practice WBC 13
September 21 – Official Practice WBC 13
September 22 – Team Light Varmint 100 yard World Championship September 23 – Team Heavy Varmint 100 yard World Championship September 24 – Team Light Varmint 200 Yard World Championship September 25 – Team Heavy Varmint 200 Yard World Championship September 26 – Individual 10 Shot 200 yard World Championship

Questions for the Delegates:
In order to help with some of the preparation for these shooting events could you please provide us with the following information as soon as possible:
1.      Approximate number of 4 person teams/ individuals that will be attending
the Worlds from your Country?
2.      Approximate number of spouses that will be attending the Worlds from your
3.      Approximate number of shooters that will be purchasing Worlds
commemorative shirts and there sizes?
4.      We have made arrangements to have Farley Rest “Bases” available, all
you need to bring is the top and base leveling screws. ( rest feet or super feet are required and available at the range) Approximate number of shooters that will need bases for their Farley rests?
5.      Approximate number of shooters that will also be shooting in the NBRSA
Nationals event?
6.      I will be at the Super Shoot in OHIO next spring and willing to haul
equipment back to our range for the Worlds and then return it the following year. Please contact Jim Kelbley  and me to arrange this and make sure we get everything you want.
7.      Will you be bringing Wind Flags or need to have them provided?
We can have several sets of “Smiley” type flags available.
8.      Will you be renting personal vehicles or will you be needing bus and
driver transportation?

As soon as we have reached the 11 month preregistration  allowance for motels/ hotels we will have their information and block numbers available on the below web site.

Thank you for your time and help with these questions.  Your answers will help prepare adequately for the upcoming event.  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. You can contact me directly through this e-mail (pieper@shootingstl.com ) or through the forums on the World Competition website (wbc2015usa.com)

Safe Shooting
Scott Pieper
Bench Rest Rifle Club of St. Louis
2280 Kohn Road
Wright City, Missouri, USA, 63390

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