VM BR50 Spania 2024

Dear colleagues,


Firstly, we would like to express our gratitude to the delegations that have already submitted their preliminary registrations.

We would like to inform you that next week we will proceed to send you the file, which you must complete and return to us with the final registration. For your information, the competition schedule is as follows:

    • Sunday 8: Arrival
    • Monday 9: Practice Day and Technical Meeting
    • Tuesday 10: Practice Day and Delegates Committee Meeting
    • Wednesday 11: Match 1 – 50 yards/m – 3 Targets Teams Championship
    • Thursday 12: Match 2 – 50 yards/m – 3 Targets Teams Championship
    • Friday 13: Match 3 – 50 yards/m – 3 Targets Individual Championship
    • Saturday 14: Match 4 – 50 yards/m – 3 Targets Individual Championship


In the upcoming days, you will receive the link to the Championship website. There, you will be able to find information about the shooting range, location, weapon storage, equipment, accommodation options, competition schedule, etc.

The deadline for final registrations and payment thereof will be April 31st.

We take this opportunity to request that along with the final registration, you send us the following essential documentation to obtain authorization for the entry and movement of weapons and ammunition through Spain:

For shooters belonging to the European Economic Community:

  • Copy of the European Firearms Pass

For non-EU shooters:

  • Copy of the firearms licenses
  • Copy of the passport
  • Number of flights, dates, and airports

Thank you for your attention and cooperation


Best regards,


Luciano Porta

Comité Ténico

Calle Tinamús, 20 Bajo Dcha. – 28019 Madrid

Tlf: +34 915 062 830



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