WBC16 in 2023

Dear Delegates,

I hereby want to let you know that the next Benchrest World Championships in 2023 will be hosted in Châteauroux, France.
The dates are still to be determined (probably end of summer 2023), and will be communicated in due course.
As a matter of fact,  the South African Benchrest Federation has decided to agree to the swop of WBC16 and WBC17, i.e. WBC16 in France in 2023 and WBC17 in South Africa in 2025. Although with a heavy heart, the South Africans were aware that it seemed to be the right decision, in view of the Covid pandemic being still very much present in S.A., and not expected to disappear so soon. 
I want to congratulate our South African friends for this wise decision and let’s all cross fingers that in 2025, things will find back to normality.
Best regards,
                   François Luciani
                   President WBSF
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