WBC16 – 2023, South Africa

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Greetings to you all from South Africa. I really trust that all are still healthy and doing great.

I am sending you this email to request your response to recent enquires regarding the planning of WBC16 (2023).

WBC16 is currently planned to take place in September 2023 at the Riebeek Castle Shooting Range near Cape Town. We are at the point that the arrangements are picking up pace and are busy finalising certain agreements and appointments regarding event organisers etc.

We all hoped that by now it would the end of the Covid 19 pandemic, however it appears that we still have to live with it for another while. At the moment, South Africa is still under a lower level of restriction regarding the free movement of people, gatherings and travel. Testing and vaccination is still required to enter the country as I believe the case is in many other countries.,

Considering the events and personal experiences of the past two years, it is understandable that many of our shooters are hesitant and worried about the health risks of taking on long travels to other countries to participate in the upcoming world shoots.

We have therefore been approached on the possibility of swopping the hosting countries of WBC16 (South Africa) and WBC17 (France) around. WBC16 is planned for 2023 in South Africa and WBC 17 is planned for France in 2025. We had some discussion and consideration on the topic, as it has been a concern of us on how many participants would be prepared to take on the journey to South Africa next year in September 2023 considering the current health situation in the world.

We have therefore decided to ask for your opinion on this option.

 We therefore request that you give us an indication of your preference as follows (Note that no country would be held to their response):

We request that you simply reply to this email and state your preferences. We would appreciate your opinion, even if you do not plan to participate in the upcoming WBC16 in 2023.

We further request that you submit your preferences at the latest by Sunday 03 April 2022.

Thank you for your cooperation. Look after yourselves.



Kobus Visser

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