Ny BR bane i Afrika

Norges Benkeskytterforbund har fått opplysninger fra WBSF om en ny BR bane i Harara – Zimbabwe. Det er nå bygget 15 benker, og skal utvides til 30 benker neste år.

— Klipp & lim —

Since September last year we have made massive strides in the development of Bench rest shooting in Zimbabwe. This has been with help from Namibia and indeed South Africa as well as a great deal of commitment from local members.

I have attached some pictures of the first shoot on our new 300m range at the CPC complex in Harare. The range has been extended, new target frames built, moving backers installed and we have managed to procure rests, loading equipment and indeed PPC rifles from various sources over the last six months. We have 15 benches and the ability to build a further 15 which should be completed in the next year. Our range can hold rimfire and PCP shoots at the same time as PPC shoots by virtue of a dividing wall between the 100m and 300m sections.

We are also extremely proud to announce that we will be hosting the 4th African regional Championships in Harare in August next year. If anyone from the Bench Rest family would like to attend these championships, we would be delighted to host them and indeed show them around our wonderful country. Please feel free to contact me directly if you would like more information.

We will keep you up to date with developments as we progress and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those people who have offered help and encouragement over the past year.

Best Regards

Duncan Frost


Zimbabwe BenchRest Shooters Association

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